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I wan’t to sit on it like I want to sit on a cloud but I can’t, can’t I? is a research on how material may or may not tempt you to sit on a chair.

Before you actually sit down on a chair, your brain often makes a physical experience of how that chair will sit. Hard, soft, slumped, upright, etc.. And sometimes, your expectations are not met, and the chair that looks soft as down is actually hard as a rock. From this perspective, I began making several seats using different materials and techniques. A seat that you cannot sit on but the material makes you fantasize about what it would be like – and others that you can sit on but make you wonder whether the material is suitable. During my research I had several people observe and test the different seats. Their responses have been collected in a booklet.


Centraal Museum Utrecht – Stoel neemt stelling // 23 September 2023 – 14 January 2024

HKU Exposure Make Space – Graduation exhibition // 22,23,24,25 June 2022